About the Artist



Born in the land of rivers and bengal tigers, Farzana Razzaque is a Bangladeshi-American artist who aims to bridge cultures through art. A Dallas based artist, she seeks to merge the traditional art and art practices of the Islamic worlds with contemporary medium, agendas and social issues.  She sees art as a spiritual agent of change and a means to breakdown cultural barriers.



Gouache, acrylics, shell gold and watercolor are only some of the mediums she uses. Her art work defines the medium as the art progresses. 

Preliminary drafting of a geometeric pattern.


Inspired by the paradoxical nature of Islamic art, where  infinitesimal possibilities in pattern thrive within perceived constraints, creating a nuanced spiritual and physical balance. She reflects back often to her training in architecture school. Her art carries innumerable truths within a calculated grid, made with compass, ruler and pencil. The world of Islamic geometry, Islimi patterns and Arabic calligraphy heavily influence her compositions, recalling the many experiences of  travel around the world.



Farzana holds various workshops in pattern design and calligraphy throughout the year. Please contact for further information.